Изучение испанского языка в Валенсии


Dear students,

Despite the fact that there are significant limitations to mobility throughout Europe, we would like to inform you that it is not all bad news:

Valencia currently has the lowest incidence rate, not only in Spain but also in Europe, In addition, the Spanish airspace is open, so it is possible to fly between most European countries under certain criteria. One of these is language learning and with our enrolment card, you will not have any problems travelling.

The mobility restrictions currently in our region are:

  1. Spain demands a negative PCR test upon arrival completed a maximum of 3 days before travelling, but you do not need to quarantine, so you will start your course as soon as you arrive. 
  2. You cannot leave the region for tourism purposes.
  3. You cannot go out from 10pm to 6am.

That’s why we have made some notable changes in our booking process, providing greater peace of mind and guarantees when booking a seat in our Spanish courses: 

  1. If a student is unable to travel due to an international ban, a full refund will be made.
  2. Students can decide not to travel to Spain for their Spanish course until 2 weeks before the beginning of their booking, even if there is no ban and AIP Language Institute is fully operational. In such a case, we offer the following:
        • Postponing the start of the course while maintaining the same services and price.
        • Using the paid deposit to take one of our online Spanish courses.


Apart from the above stated, we have a very special promo for those booking an on-site Spanish course before May 15th:

20% off on all our courses, on-site and online* 

Needless to say that we will resume our lessons under strict safety measures to continue teaching Spanish in completely safe conditions and, to guarantee that, we have obtained ‘Covid-19 Safe School’ certificate, issued by the Spanish Federation of Spanish Schools (FEDELE), after approving our prevention and contingency plan

We will closely follow any updates on the matter and we will take further safety measures if necessary, doing everything in our power to provide safety and quality so that you only worry about learning Spanish.

Looking forward to seeing you at our school soon!

The team of AIP Language Institute

*Not valid for One-to-One Courses



20% OFF


A language is meant
to be lived.

* 20% off for enrolments made before May 15th. 


Изучение языка — это всегда серьёзное испытание, и изучение испанского может быть твёрдым орешком. Но, если вы действительно хотите выучить язык, почему бы вам просто не приехать в Валенсию? Это третий по величине город в Испании, расположенный на побережье Средиземного моря, где вы сможете наслаждаться солнцем и пляжами круглый год. Кроме того, благодаря нашим курсам вы сможете достигнуть тех результатов, к которым вы всегда стремились.

Наши преподаватели-носители предоставят вам уникальный учебный опыт с динамичными и увлекательными уроками в современных классах, где вы выучите испанский без особых усилий.

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Современная методология и цифровые доски во всех 23 классах значительно облегчают изучение испанского языка.

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Это не волшебство и не наука, а наша страсть! Узнайте обо всем, что мы делаем, чтобы помочь вам быстро выучить испанский язык.



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Sophie Johns

Hice un curso de español con AIP idiomas este verano y fue genial. Los profesores eran muy amables y me ayudaron mucho. Además de mejorando mi español, mejoraron mi confianza con el idioma y ahora siento que puedo habla con cualquiera sin un problema.(...) Recomendaría esta escuela a cualquiera persona!
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Pierfrancesco Scarcelli

I've been in this school for a month and I have to admit that it was a unique experience with qualified staff ... I recommend it to those who want to learn Spanish.
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Fanny Smeds

I'm studying an intense Spanish course at AIP and I feel more than content. (...) I've never experienced an education better than at AIP in Valencia. (...) I appreciate that the classes consist of few students, it gives me more time with the teacher (...) I'd really recommend this language school, you'll have so much fun while learning a new language!
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Fabio Cresto

Great school and, generally, very good teachers. Well prepared, flexible and very friendly staff. It was a great experience and I learned a lot in my 2 weeks at AIP. Definitely recommended.
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